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The Egydio Technique: definition, indication, and best practices

Many men who need treatment for penile curvature, whether because of Peyronie or Congenital Curvature or even because they need to implant a prosthesis to solve their erection issues, have questions about the surgical procedure, the techniques, and the factors to consider to have a positive and satisfactory outcome.

When you are doing your research, whether on the internet or even in medical consultations, you can discover several techniques to correct penile curvature and to recover the necessary rigidity for penetration. All of them, however, are based on the geometric concepts of the Egydio Technique, and that is why we will talk more about that in this post.

Before I start explaining what this technique is, how it came about, how it was developed and the benefits it will bring to your penis, it is important to make it clear that it does not compromise man’s ability to get erect. If you have heard an urologist saying this, you should know first that a successful procedure has a lot to do with the experience of the medical specialist, who should take some care during the surgery, as in any delicate situation like this, to ensure the recovery of all functionalities.

If you have any questions regarding the development and effectiveness of this technique, please contact us and we will explain everything to you.

The Egydio Technique

Whether to align the penis in a treatment for Peyronie or Congenital Curvature, or to recover size, caliber and firmness of the penis, the Egydio Technique is the most indicated surgical procedure when it comes to get the best results and to ensure patient’s satisfaction.

Described by me for the first time in 1988 and recognized internationally as Egydio’s Technique, this technique has been used since then and it has already patents in Europe and in the United States. The method equals the elasticity of penile tissues based on geometric principles to elongate and reach the largest possible size and diameter up to the maximum limit of nerves, vessels and the urethra. This brings greater satisfaction to the patients, as it is rare for men to cope well with penile shrinkage, since other techniques propose to match the tissues based on the reduction of the penis shaft.

As a medical specialist in the field, I can say that the application of this technique by experienced doctors is safe and reliable. I have already performed over six thousand surgeries based on these principles, which are recognized by several doctors in Brazil and abroad as the most suitable method for correction of curved penis and erectile dysfunction problems. 

In order to improve this technique, I use now a method of tissue expansion through multiple tissue incisions in the surgery, which makes the use of grafts (or surgical tissues) in the penis not necessary.

Get to know now how the application of the Egydio Technique works in cases of Peyronie, Congenital Curvature and Penile Prosthesis implantation.

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Application of the Egydio Technique to treat Peyronie

In order to have a totally straight erection it is necessary that the tissues of the penis have the same elasticity in all its extension. Techniques prior to Egydio, however, usually reduce the size of the penis and, the bigger the deformity the greater the decrease. There are cases in which the man loses up to five centimeters or more in the penile length.

The Egydio Technique treats Peyronie with a more modern approach considering patient’s desire for the final outcome of the treatment. This is how the Penile Reconstruction concept came to be, which consists in expanding the tissues of the penis by correcting the curvature, recovering its size and caliber up to the maximum limit.

This technique is now further developed, since the surgical graft used for the expansion was replaced by multiple and small incisions in the tissues, making the procedure more efficient.

Application of the Egydio Technique to Treat Congenital Curvature

As with Peyronie’s treatment, the Congenital Curvature can also be treated using the Egydio Technique to ensure that the smaller side of the tissue is matched to the larger one. This will ensure that the penis size is lengthened rather than reduced.

Unlike the cases of Peyronie’s disease when penile fibrosis causes a reduction in the size of the penis, in the Congenital Curvature the man has only advantages from the application of the geometric concepts.

In certain types of Congenital Curvature, it is also possible to apply the Stage Technique to improve penis rectification results and to ensure the maximum possible size. The Stage Technique was also developed by me and consists of superficial incisions in the tunica albuginea (that covers the corpus cavernosum) to straighten the penis, functioning as a final refinement when it is necessary.

Application of the Egydio Technique for penile prosthesis implantation

The necessity of placing a prosthesis is related to erectile dysfunction, which may be associated to Peyronie disease, advancing age or with other diseases that affect the good functioning of the penis. Conditions such as prostate cancerdiabetes and cardiovascular disease can affect not only the erection capability, but can also reduce the length and thickness of the penis. Whatever the reason, the application of Egydio’s Technique in the placement of the prosthesis will ensure that all necessary procedures are made in one single surgery. 

The most important thing to keep in mind is that the function of the implant is to recover penile rigidity and before placing it, the best procedure is to reconstruct the penis to regain its measures. When performed without recovering the dimensions, the patient will have solved the erection problems but there is a chance of having a loss of penile size.

What can happen when the Egydio Technique is not applied?

Cases such as Peyronie, Congenital Curvature or erectile dysfunction are usually associated with a decrease in penile size. Therefore, if the doctor corrects the size of the tissues without the geometric principles, based on the smaller side to correct the curvature, there is a great chance that the patient will not be satisfied with the treatment when realizing that his penis has decreased in size.

I have heard many reports of patients who lost up to five centimeters or more in penile size and were dissatisfied with the results. Some patients also say that the penis became thinner and not firm enough for penetration after performing surgery without penile reconstruction.

To avoid this kind of situation it is important to evaluate the experience of the doctor in performing this type of surgery and to see if he considered the loss of penile size in the planning of the surgery. In most cases, unsuccessful surgeries can be reversed. However, it will be necessary to perform a new diagnosis to evaluate the surgical procedure and to plan the correction according to the geometric principles that I have described.

Now that you know how the Egydio Technique works and its advantages over other procedures, what about scheduling an appointment and getting your treatment started?

Dr.Paulo Egydio

Dr.Paulo Egydio

doctor Paulo Egydio is dedicated to the treatment of curvature
penile and prothetic implant. penile and prosthetic implant.

doctor Paulo Egydio is dedicated to the treatment of curvature
penile and prosthetic implant.

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