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How do I know if my penile curvature needs treatment?

An evaluation is essential if the penile curvature is harming you from a functional point of view, that is:

  • Difficulty or impossibility in penetration;
  • Ease of bending and/or escaping;
  • Cause discomfort in the partner;
  • Impair the sexual act or its quality.

The success rate in penile curvature correction is directly linked to a good diagnosis, with the evaluation of the problem in all its dimensions. The physician’s experience on the subject is of great importance, both to reach a good diagnosis and to indicate and carry out a good treatment.

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Is it possible to fix a curved penis? How is the size after correction?

In congenital curvature, for the most part, it is not associated with fibrosis, so the lengthening of the short side may not be as efficient as in cases of fibrosis (Peyronie’s Disease), because there is a greater chance of the urethra and/or bundle of nerves and vessels limit tissue stretching.

In some cases, despite expanding the short side, it is possible that the penis remains crooked due to the limitation of the neurovascular bundle or the urethra. When this happens, it is necessary to refine the long side so that the penis is straight and does not predispose to Peyronie’s Disease.

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Can the penile curvature of the young person facilitate the occurrence of traumas that may also develop Peyronie's Disease (acquired curvature)?

Yup. There are cases in which the curved penis of the young person (congenital curvature), due to the predisposition to trauma due to the curvature itself that facilitates escape, bending and/or forcing the penis during sexual intercourse, can also end up developing Peyronie’s disease.

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My penis easily escapes during intercourse, in addition, I feel pain where there is a bend in the curvature. Even erect, it is possible to bend it easily. Do you have any clinical treatment, without having to undergo surgery?

In cases where the curvature favors escape easily and the bend at the place of curvature or instability, correction may be indicated to avoid trauma or microtrauma that will favor the appearance of another type of curvature. favor the appearance of another type of curvature, different from the one presented (acquired curvature or Peyronie’s Disease).

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Can the curvature of the penis increase? If I push the penis in the opposite direction of the curvature in an attempt to correct it, can it cause any trauma?

Yes, you can develop an acquired curvature (Peyronie’s Disease). It is important to make a careful evaluation for a good diagnosis and definition of an adequate treatment. It is not recommended to keep forcing the penis in the opposite direction to the curvature in an attempt to correct it, as it can cause trauma to the penis, further aggravating the curvature and ending up even developing greater problems.

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May the way I put my penis in my underwear develop a curvature in the penis?

Congenital Curvature is present from the young stage, where in the development of the penis, there is a greater elasticity on one side than on the other, and consequent penile curvature during erection. This curvature, which the young man was born with, can develop into Peyronie’s Disease, that is, a worsening of the curvature caused by trauma and injuries to the ”elastic tissues” of the penis, causing loss of size, greater tortuosity and thinning.

The way you keep your penis in your underwear doesn’t develop a penile curvature, it’s a myth. What happens is that the penis tends to get used to the lateral position due to the frequency of use, but it is not an important curvature that will interfere with its functionality. What we have to worry about is always preventing the penis from straining when erect. For example, if the penis is poorly accommodated inside the clothes and the man has an erection, it can cause efforts that will cause trauma and consequent deformities.

I had surgery to correct the curvature of the penis with another professional and this problem is very common. My penis has decreased in size, in addition, I feel pain where the stitches were given. If I remove the dots, will the curvature come back?

The use of non-absorbable threads (which do not disappear with time) can become uncomfortable and cause pain. It depends on when the surgery was performed, you can just remove the stitches, and the curvature will not necessarily return. This is possible to check during the removal surgery. There are cases in which it is necessary to associate a curvature correction procedure after the removal of the stitches, in the same surgical procedure. It is recommended to use absorbable threads (which disappear over time) in most situations. As this problem has been bothering you a lot, there may be a need for further surgery. For that, an evaluation would be necessary.

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What is the recovery time after surgery?

The procedure is in a hospital environment, that is, the patient is usually admitted in the morning, receives sedation and local anesthesia for the procedure. If the surgery is performed in the morning, he can be discharged during the day and there is no need to sleep in the hospital.

There are three stages to the patient’s final recovery:

  • Return to work (7 – 10 days after surgery);
  • Return to physical activities (30 days after surgery);
  • Return to sexual life (45 – 60 days after surgery).

*Dates may vary according to each patient’s recovery process, subject to medical evaluation.

Do traction devices (penile extenders) correct penile curvature?

Penile traction devices can correct the curvature, but not all cases are indicated for their use. It is extremely important that, if necessary, use under the guidance of a specialist to avoid aggravation of curvature and even greater problems. I do not recommend using it without medical advice.

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Could phimosis and/or short frenulum be responsible for penile curvature? May the same surgery to correct these problems correct the curvature?

Curvature of the penis can occur because a membrane (tunic) with less elasticity than normal causes the penis to pull. The skin of the penis is rarely a determinant of curvature, even because it has a very high elasticity.

In the congenital curved penis (youth curvature), the downward and/or sideways curvature is more frequently observed, often leading to the interpretation that the halter or bridle is responsible for the curvature, which is generally not true. .

Therefore, it can be said that a surgery just to correct the phimosis and/or release the brake will hardly correct the curvature problem, which can be proven during the surgery through an erection induction.

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Do exercises for the penis, use of devices and drugs that I found on the Internet and that promise results correct the penile curvature?

The orientation is that you do not use exercises, devices and medicines that say they are miraculous without medical guidance and monitoring to avoid aggravation of the curvature and possibly greater problems. Don’t fall victim to advertising appeals.

We have already received patients with trauma to the penis caused by exercises and/or devices purchased over the Internet that promised great results.

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I have penile curvature and as I still can't solve this problem on my own, I don't know how to tell my parents. How to approach this matter with them?

I recommend that you show this site to your parents so they understand your problem and can help you solve it.

As much as our parents have different thoughts from ours, whether due to differences in upbringing, generation and/or life experience, they are our true friends, in any situation, in good and bad times.

Nobody wants our good more than our own parents.

Is it possible to perform the operation for phimosis and correction of penile curvature in the same surgical procedure?

Any patient undergoing surgery for phimosis should inform the doctor if he has penile curvature during erection.

This is because the two corrections can be made at the same time with the same scar and using the same anesthesia.

Don’t be embarrassed to talk to your parents, close relatives or a specialized professional. They will help you to seek help from a professional who specializes in the field and to maintain confidentiality.




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