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Penile Fracture: Can the penis break?

Penile fracture, or penile trauma, is an extremely important issue to men. That is so because if it does happen, it can turn into a more serious problem, like Peyronie’s Disease.What is an erection? How does it happen?

To understand how a penile trauma occurs, it is necessary to explain how an erection happens, because it is during the erection that the fracture occurs.

The erection is nothing more than the pressurization of blood inside the penile cylinder, caused by erotic stimulation. The accumulation of blood inside the corpora cavernosa is what keeps the penis erect for the sexual act. 

What is a penile fracture?

Penile fractures happen during sexual intercourse by a sudden impact against the partner’s body, which causes the penis to bend. This impact breaks the tunica albuginea and the blood suddenly leaks from it.

Which sexual positions are more prone to penile fracture?

There are sexual positions that increase the risk of trauma, such as the position where the partner is on top or on all fours.  When the partner is on top, in case the penis escapes, the weight falls on the erect penis. This is the position that more often results in fractures. When the partner is on all fours and the back and forth movement is very abrupt, the penis can escape and there can be a violent impact that may cause the rupture of the tunica albuginea.  

How do I know if I have fractured my penis?

The symptoms of the fracture are: The sound (crack) caused by the rupture of the corpus cavernosum, pain, penile detumescence, hematoma and edema are the signs of a possible penile rupture.

Penile trauma can generate a scar (fibrosis) with high chances of developing penile thinning, acquired penile curvature, a decrease in the size and Peyronie’s Disease. 

What should I do if I fracture my penis?

If you had a penile trauma during the sexual act, the correct procedure is to put ice on the affected area and go right away to the emergency room for help. 

What treatments are available for penile fracture?

The treatment for penile fracture depends on its severity. In cases of mild fractures, when the patient is able to maintain the erection and finish the sexual act despite the impact, drug treatment may be indicated.

In case of severe fractures, when there is loss of erection, surgical treatment is the most indicated, because it becomes necessary to give stitches in the ruptured area in order to restore the vitality of the ruptured membrane. After the healing of the membrane restoration surgery, another surgery may be necessary to solve the penile fibrosis. 

To avoid penile trauma it is important that the man be careful during the sexual positions that are more likely to cause the injuries that were already mentioned above.

After the penile fracture, I lost erection, size and caliber of the penis. What should I do?

The penile fracture post surgical may bring undesirable consequences such as loss of erection, size and caliber due to the fibrosis, which are formed in the injured area. To reverse this situation and restore the health and quality of the penis, it is necessary to reconstruct it using the Egydio’s Technique. 

The Egydio’s Technique is, nowadays, a modern way to recover caliber and size of the patient’s penis. The procedure does not use grafting and it is performed directly on the fibrous region, through small mathematically calculated incisions, making it possible to recover the size and caliber of the penis, up to the maximum limits of the nerves and urethra.

Watch the video below, in which I explain in more details how penile fracture happens and everything you need to do to prevent it to happen.

If you have any questions, please contact us. My team and I are always available to answer your questions and help you with whatever it takes to maintain or restore your health. 

Dr.Paulo Egydio

Dr.Paulo Egydio

doctor Paulo Egydio is dedicated to the treatment of curvature
penile and prothetic implant. penile and prosthetic implant.

doctor Paulo Egydio is dedicated to the treatment of curvature
penile and prosthetic implant.

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