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What you need to know before implanting a penile prosthesis

What you need to know before implanting a penile prosthesis

If after discovering the signs that you need a penile prosthesis you have identified that it may be the solution, this post will interest you.

I will explain here what you need to know before placing an implant. So that way, when consulting your doctor, you will already have an idea of what to expect and then you can make sure that you chose the best treatment.

If you have questions about the subject or about the need to make an implant, please contact me through this form and we can start a conversation.

The cares before placing a penile implant

Although it is a delicate matter, that raises many questions in men, especially, about how your penis will function after the prosthesis, know that there is no reason to worry if the treatment is correctly done.

Receiving specialized medical guidance and care are important aspects to do a safe and efficient penile implant and to have a high satisfaction treatment, not only for the man but also for his partner.

However, to ensure the best result it is important to be aware of some special cares that will directly influence your pleasure and self-esteem.

The relation between the implant and the loss of penis size

As important as the surgery to implant the prosthesis is to evaluate if the penis is decreasing to guarantee, in the same procedure, its reconstruction.

The decrease of the penis is an effect of many problems that can lead to the need for an implant and usually it is associated with its curvature, in cases of Peyronie’s Disease. This does not happen to every men, but it is important to be aware of this question to ensure an effective treatment.

Because of poor erection quality, some men don’t even notice this loss, so make sure your doctor do this evaluation before the procedure. Currently, the most accurate way to conduct this evaluation is through an examination with an artificially induced erection and a high definition ultrasound.

In situations that a decrease of penis size is identified, it is essential to perform a penile reconstruction to lengthen and recover the size and diameter as much as possible. This is done in the same surgical procedure, according to the Egydio Technique, without causing any further inconvenience to the patient.

The importance of penile reconstruction for the success of the implant

The first thing that men think when talking about penile prosthesis is that it will increase the size of the penis, but we already know that this is a myth.

The function of the implant is to give rigidity to the penis, not being responsible for the recovery of the size. To ensure both rigidity and full functionality of the penis, in other words, not only regain length and caliber, but also preserve sensitivity, it is necessary to do the penile reconstruction.

It is important that this procedure be performed before placing the implant, as it will preserve the spongy tissue and the membrane that covers it, ensuring that the blood flows normally during sexual stimulation and does not affect the residual erection of the penis.

What happens if the reduction of the penis is not considered

I have already received many patients in my clinic who have done the implant with professionals who did not take into account the reduction of penis size. You can imagine how dissatisfied they were when they realized this after surgery.

When this happens there is also a solution, however it is a bit inconvenient. It is necessary to remove the prosthesis and do the procedure once again, this time with the penile reconstruction. Only after this, the new prosthesis will be placed, now with larger caliber and size.

To avoid this kind of situation, it is fundamental that you evaluate how experienced are the doctors, urologists, andrologists and the techniques that will be used for the penile prosthesis surgery. A skilled professional will do the best surgical approach for each case and will choose the most appropriate type of implant.

Be aware of these questions in your next medical appointment and make sure that all care is taken to achieve the greatest success of the procedure and patient satisfaction.

If you feel some of the symptoms mentioned in this post or are experiencing erection problems, click the button below to fill out a pre-analysis form and I will be able to guide you on which path to follow.

Dr.Paulo Egydio

Dr.Paulo Egydio

doctor Paulo Egydio is dedicated to the treatment of curvature
penile and prothetic implant. penile and prosthetic implant.

doctor Paulo Egydio is dedicated to the treatment of curvature
penile and prosthetic implant.

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