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Does Peyronie cause Erectile dysfunction? Sexual impotence?

Many people ask why most of the cases of Peyronie’s disease are linked to erectile dysfunction. The connection between one problem and the other makes men imagine that they have become impotent because of the disease.

Usually what happens is the other way around .When we talk about the symptoms of Peyronie, we have seen that erection problems are the main cause of the development of acquired penile curvature, since the lack of rigidity in the penis during sexual relations predisposes to the occurrence of traumas and micro traumas. 

This causes the formation of internal and/or superficial fibrosis that limits the elasticity of the penile tissues and cause them to bend to the sides, up or down, when pressure is generated in the penis by the erection. That is, Peyronie’s disease makes erectile dysfunction worse, but it is not the main cause of erectile dysfunction.

The treartment of Peyronie’s disease and penis fibrosis

The treatment of Peyronie’s disease will also treat the fibrosis, increase the size and caliber of the penis and, mainly, it will bring back the vertical firmness that prevent the formation of new fibrosis that can cause the curvature to come back.

Depending on the stage of the disease, the treatment may be initiated with the use of specific anti-inflammatories, analgesics, and medications to increase blood circulation in the penis. However, it is possible that a surgical procedure is required, which is of utmost importance to cure not only the curvature, but all other conditions that affect the penis and are caused by penile fibrosis, such as erectile dysfunction, loss of size and caliber.   

The relation between Peyronie, bent penis and penile decrease

It is important to keep in mind that Peyronie’s Disease always causes a loss in penis size. This causes the treatment to demand more attention, since it is necessary not only to correct the difference in the elasticity of the penis tissues, but also to recover the size of your buddy.

Some former surgical techniques, such as Nesbit, straighten the penis by matching the healthier, longer side to the other side that has been affected and shortened by fibrosis. Despite correcting penile curvature, this procedure causes a high level of dissatisfaction among patients because their penis can decrease in size.

For a more effective and satisfactory surgery it is necessary to make a correction based on geometric principles and associate it with a penile reconstruction, where the short side of the penis, the one compromised by Peyronie, is stretched until it is exactly the size of the healthy side. In some men it is possible to identify a decrease on all sides of the penis, and then it is recommended to expand the tissues completely for best results.

This ensures not only the correctness of the curvature, but also the recovery of the lost size and caliber of the penis because of the problem. This result is achieved with the application of Egydio’s Technique, internationally recognized and with patents in the United States and Europe.

To treat erectile dysfunction is also important

In many cases of Peyronie’s disease treatment, it is also necessary to do the penile prosthesis implantation. Responsible for bringing back the quality of erection when the clinical treatments do not have effect, the prosthesis will give back the stiffness of the penis and provide a healthy sexual life without risks of complications.

The implant should be placed in the same surgical procedure for correction of curvature and reconstruction of the size of the penis, with the Egydio Technique. This will ensure not only the return of size, caliber and shape of the penis but also the quality of erection, thus avoiding new incidences of fissure that can make the problem come back or cause new episodes.

For the placement of the prosthesis, the urologist must have experience in the subject to make a complete evaluation of the patient, highlight the advantages of the implant and also show their different types.

It is worth remembering that the degree of satisfaction of the patient is not directly related to the choice of a more expensive or cheaper implant, but with the model that best suits his needs and wants to get back to a healthy and pleasurable sexual life.

Now that you know that Peyronie’s Disease is linked to other penile problems, it may be time to take a treatment to cure the deformity and the erectile dysfunction once and for all. What do you think?

In this pre-analysis form, you can put all your complaints so that I can answer you and guide you on the best procedure for healing.

Dr.Paulo Egydio

Dr.Paulo Egydio

doctor Paulo Egydio is dedicated to the treatment of curvature
penile and prothetic implant. penile and prosthetic implant.

doctor Paulo Egydio is dedicated to the treatment of curvature
penile and prosthetic implant.

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