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Cuánto cuesta una prótesis de pene: hombre y mujer acostados en la cama

How much does a penile prosthesis cost? Learn more about what to consider

The main investment is in the prosthesis and medical staff, but the final cost depends on a number of other factors. Those with health insurance can benefit.

Among men affected by Peyronie’s disease, the penile prosthesis implant combined with the reconstruction of the organ  can be a good alternative to return to an active sex life. The drawback is due to the cost.

Treating Peyronie’s in its early stages is more cost-effective than undergoing surgery. However, the biggest barrier to early treatment is the lack of care men take for their own health. Research released in November 2020 by the Institute of Urology, Oncology and Robotic Surgery (IUCR) shows an alarming fact: 70% of Brazilian men do not even see a urologist for routine check-ups.

This bad habit of men prevents the pathology from being clinically treated, when it can still be stabilized. Learn about the symptoms of the disease.

Due to this delay, patients often arrive at the office in the fibrosis or scarring phase, and at this stage, the option of a clinical treatment has not been indicated to stabilize the penile curvature and they are then faced with the need for a surgical procedure.

If you want to research the subject at another time, check out the Penile Prostheses [eBook] and download it for free.

Diagnosis is the first step

Do you already know if you need a penile implant? If your erection is not good but you still don’t have an answer to this question, my suggestion is that you start there. Let’s worry about one thing at a time. The first step is to seek an accurate diagnosis. A functional examination of the penis, with artificially induced erection and Doppler ultrasound, is usually recommended. This information can be used to determine if an implant is needed or if it is still possible to test the use of medication. The most important thing is to aim for a functional penis with good rigidity in order to have a fulfilling sex life.

The type of prosthesis plays an important role 

A penile prosthesis is the surgical treatment recommended for patients who do not respond to oral and injectable medications.

I always try to understand the patient’s lifestyle during the consultation so that I can recommend the best option for them. For example, it is necessary to study the anatomy of each patient in order to achieve greater firmness when using a prosthesis: there is an ideal length to caliber ratio of the penis. In other cases, the sexual partner’s opinion is just as important. All these details can interfere with the medical recommendation and the final choice.

The price of penile prostheses

Currently, the most commonly used penile prosthesis models on the market are: malleable and inflatable ones.

Malleable or Semi-Rigid penile prosthesis

The malleable prosthesis is produced nationally and can be found starting at R$2,000 to R$5,000. Models that come from abroad cost between US$1,200 and US$2,000. They differ in malleability and caliber, which are crucial details to be assessed along with the doctor according to the patient’s anatomy.

Watch the video to learn more about the malleable penile prosthesis.

Inflatable Penile Prosthesis

Another option is the inflatable prosthesis. Generally manufactured abroad, most of which are imported from the United States, they are more expensive and range from US$8,000 to US$15,000. Two and three volume models are available, and the most suitable option should be discussed with your urologist.

Watch the video to learn more about the inflatable penile prosthesis:

Does health insurance cover penile prosthesis surgery?

In Brazil, health insurance may cover the cost of a penile prosthesis. However, there are some reservations.

The malleable prosthesis can be covered by insurance providers, as it is part of the National Supplementary Health Agency’s (ANS) Rol of procedures. It is included because the ANS understands that it is the appropriate prosthesis for the treatment of a functional problem, not an aesthetic one.

In some cases, the insurance provider may work with a partial or full reimbursement system if the surgeon or medical team is not part of the standard scope.

The surgery is also available through the Unified Health System (SUS), in which the malleable penile prosthesis is used as the sole implant. However, the patient is subject to a longer waiting time.

By knowing all the prices for penile prostheses, you can make the best decisions for your treatment. Counting on the professionalism of a dedicated doctor will also help the patient to be able to make the right financial arrangements to regain their sex life.

The procedure can make the difference

What are your expectations of the outcome? This is another topic you should consider when choosing the specialist who will take care of you. There are different surgical strategies with the aim of improving the functionality of the penis, so it is necessary that the patient discusses everything thoroughly with the specialist so that they can define a good treatment approach together.

When the patient has an indication for a penile prosthesis implant, it is important to consider the expansion of the penile tissues before implanting the prosthesis. With the geometrically calculated relaxation incisions, it is possible to implant a prosthesis of larger size and caliber into the penis. In the medical field, this procedure is called penile reconstruction.

Therefore, if you are contemplating prosthesis surgery make sure to consider the topics covered above. All these details can interfere with the cost and satisfaction with the final result, since we are dealing with a very important matter: the health of your penis and your happiness.

Down below you can watch a video where I talk about the price of a penile prosthesis and the existing models.

If you find that your erection is no longer the same and you think it is time to consider a penile prosthesis implant, fill out the pre-analysis form and we can start discussing the best treatment for you.

Dr.Paulo Egydio

Dr.Paulo Egydio

Médico PhD em Urologia pela USP, CRM 67482-SP, RQE 19514, Autor dos Princípios Geométricos (conhecido como “Técnica de Egydio”), além de outros artigos e livros cientifícos na área. Professor convidado para ministrar aulas e cirurgias ao vido, em congressos no Brasil e Exterior.

Dr. Paulo Egydio é dedicado ao tratamento da curvatura
peniana e do implante de prótese.

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