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How can a Urologist and his blog assist your sex life?

The sexual health of men is not a very common subject for usual conversations or discussion groups. When it comes to erectile dysfunction or diseases that affect penile anatomy and the quality of sex life, people usually get embarrassed or feel discomfort, usually they are not ready to talk about this kind of issue with their family and friends.

The traditional ‘let’s not talk about that’ can make things even more difficult to men who need help and often keep it to themselves any kind of problem that affect their penis. Considering these problems, I felt it was necessary to create some material to talk about urological themes in an easy, informal and informative way, so that men could consult and open their minds regarding the diseases and the treatments that can affect the penis and the sexual life. This is how, in 2015, the book ‘How to take care of your best friend (which is not your dog)’ came up.

The purpose of this material is to provide clear information on a subject that is kept surrounded by misinformation and innumerable myths. The purpose to write the book was to help and remind men of visiting an urologist in a preventative way and not just to ‘put out fire’ when problems have already escalated. We know that many of these problems can be avoided with simple preventive methods, which would make it relatively simple if shame and prejudice are set aside.

With a very explanatory content, the book addresses all phases of male sexual formation and seeks to provide knowledge to men, so they can observe those aspects in themselves and seek specialized care. But then I felt that this content should be shared with more people, and that’s when the blog with the same name came up.

By providing a discussion about these delicate matters on the internet, men of all ages can access a guide with technical information about their sex life, empowering them about the problems that may occur and about the processes of treatment.

With the necessary information, shame gives way to the awareness that treating is more advantageous than hiding the problems. After all, maintaining an active sex life is important for the physical and psychological health of men and that concerns those who are beginning their sex life, but also those in an older age, so it is not necessary to leave their sexuality aside just because of a problem that can, Yes, be solved.

In this context of seeking for a treatment, the sexual partner is very welcome. With care and companionship everything becomes easier.

The subjects of this blog

In the blog “How to take care of your best friend (which is not your dog)”, you can find a reliable source of articles on man’s health in addition to medical advice on male well-being. As a specialist in Penile Curvature and Sexual Dysfunction, I have participated in several congresses in Brazil and abroad in order to encourage scientific production in these areas, which are so important and in constant need of new researchers. At the end of each event, I always try to share the present issues and discoveries.

Throughout the posts, you will learn more about what Congenital Curvature, is, you will see some explanations on how a curved penis can affect your health, you will get to know how this kind of condition comes up and the ways you can prevent Peyronie’s disease, you will also get in touch with other issues which involve the placement of a Penile Prosthesis, or how you can find out if you need a placement, the available models in the market and how the surgical process works.

However, we are not going to talk just about technical issues. As you browse the pages, you will have access to specific contents that will tell you about the importance of caring for your sexual health and self-esteem since your teenage years, plus tips on how to have a good sexual performance and advices about how your body works.

Keep an eye on any condition that may indicate the need for a more specific medical evaluation and, if you wish, we can initiate an open dialogue so we can find a solution to your condition. Click to send your question!

Why read the blog weekly?

The search for symptoms and treatments of diseases on the internet can be quite dangerous, as there is no check on the source of the information. In the blog you will find detailed information on all phases of treatment of an illness that affects your sex life, how you can find out if you are suffering with some kind of condition and the definitive solution to the problem. However, my goal is to guide you to get a face-to-face medical consultation and never self-medicate or self-diagnose.

These tips will help you look at your body and understand what may be happening so you can explain it better to the doctor at your appointment. Each week new content is posted and more and more explanations will be available to you.

What is the source of information of this blog?

All the recurring topics on the blog are from my area of expertise. The themes of the posts are chosen based on the most frequent issues that my team and I receive questions about. I try to explain in a friendly and informative way the varied situations and conditions that can affect the sexual life of man.

My name is Paulo Egydio and I am a PhD in Urology, graduated from the Hospital das Clínicas in São Paulo, specializing in the Mayo Clinic and in the Cleveland Clinic Foundation. Over 20 years of dedication in the medical area, I have already performed more than 6,000 penile surgeries, recovering patient’s sexual life and restoring the maximum size and caliber of the penis.

The pioneerism in Penile Reconstruction surgery and the development of the Egydio Technique, among other patented surgical techniques in the United States and Europe, has brought me some recognition from the international medical community and today I feel honored to bring some advanced, safe and efficient treatments for several diseases.

Constantly focused on the research in Urology, I became a member of International societies, a reviewer of scientific articles, author in renowned books and periodicals, as well as visiting professor at national and international congresses, where I give classes, lectures and perform live surgeries.

I am currently Medical Director at the Dr. Paulo Egydio Clinic – Advanced Treatment Center for Peyronie, Congenital Curvature and Penile Prosthesis Implant, located in São Paulo, where I attend and follow up patients from different countries.

Now that you already know me and understand the goals of this blog, how about sharing with us what you think of this initiative? You can send us suggestions for urological subjects that you would like to know more about and thus receive more guidelines.

Dr.Paulo Egydio

Dr.Paulo Egydio

doctor Paulo Egydio is dedicated to the treatment of curvature
penile and prothetic implant. penile and prosthetic implant.

doctor Paulo Egydio is dedicated to the treatment of curvature
penile and prosthetic implant.

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