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Congenital curved penis – what is a regular penis?

Let’s talk about your penis’s health? Surely you call your doctor for periodic blood and heart tests, but when was the last time you took your best friend to a medical evaluation? Many men do not realize the importance of visiting an urologist on a regular basis and make sure that everything is going well down there.

Some penile problems may go unnoticed due to the lack of knowledge or apparent symptoms. A recurrent case is the congenital curvature. What is it? What are the implications? How to identify and treat it? In this post you will learn more details and know how to find out if you need help. Come with me and I’ll explain.

What is a penile congenital curvature?

Also known as the young man’s curved penis, the congenital curvature is the crooked penis during erection. This is because one side of the limb is larger or more elastic.

Most men identify the disorder during puberty due to the increasing frequency of erections and the penile development. Many of them, however, only seek medical help when the condition disrupts their sex life, since the curvature degree can bring discomfort at the time of penetration. We’ll talk more about this later in this post.

According to The Journal of Urology (2005), it is estimated that the penile curvature affects between 3% and 6% of the male population. I venture to say that the rate can be much higher, as I have been observing an increase in awareness about penile health, which has made the search for treatments to rise. Therefore, I consider the importance of observing your penis frequently and seek for help when you notice something unusual.

The origin of the penile problem

Congenital curvature has a genetic origin. When you notice that your penis is not straight and the sinuosity brings you problems, either physical or psychological, seek an urologist for help.

The lack of care and treatment can make the situation worse by making you to acquire the Peyronie’s disease, caused by a repeated penile injury. I’m sure you don’t want to bring more trouble to your buddy, do you? 

Now that you have become aware of the issue, keep on reading to learn more about the young man’s curved penis, its implications and treatment.

How to identify the congenital curvature

The congenital curvature can be to the side, up or down. There are also cases of a combination of these types. When the wingspan is over 30 degrees many problems may appear. To avoid further damage in your sexual health I recommend that you look for a proper treatment.

As I mentioned above, most patients realizes they have a penis problem during sex. So stay tuned! If you have difficulties and pains during penetration, feel restricted to a few positions with short movements so the penis doesn’t escape or if it causes pain and discomfort to your partner, it can be your diagnosis.

Other recurrent symptoms are the increased sensitivity in the glans, which can lead to premature ejaculation, and a psycho-erectile dysfunction, associated with stress and loss of confidence due to the abnormal aesthetics of the penis. This usually leads men to fear and embarrassment, as I’ll explain better in the next topic.

Consequences of curved penis or crooked penis

Most men who identify the bent penis think the case has no solution. They are usually younger and ashamed to address the issue with their parents or friends. This can delay the diagnosis and make it more difficult to cure, as well as the psychological consequences.

If the curvature of your penis disrupts your sex life, I want you to know that you can openly talk to me. I am here to help and give you the necessary guidance.

On many occasions the young men ends up avoiding intimate relationships because they don’t want to be exposed. I suppose this can explain why many elderly men have never had sex. When they overcome this obstacle, they still look for places without lights, not allowing the partner to touch his penis so that the curvature can’t be revealed.

The importance of early diagnosis

Many young men have no idea what a regular penis is. Not infrequently, they only find some deformity in the curvature after they already suffered some trauma. Therefore, I reinforce the importance of taking a close look at your inseparable companion to ensure its operating well. When discovered early, penile treatments are very likely to be successful.

What about a tip? The next time you have a shower, take the time to gauge the size and shape of your genital. The straight penis is the regular condition and a slight curvature may not cause you any discomfort. But if the shape of your buddy disrupts your sexual or even your psychological life, seek for help. There is no reason to fear, the problem has a solution! Get help from an urologist.

Early diagnosis is important to prepare you for a future treatment and prevent the curvature problem from developing into a more serious case, such as Peyronie’s disease, already mentioned in this text.

Any questions regarding the curvature of your best friend (who is not your dog), I am available to help. Click here and tell me your questions and concerns. From a pre-analysis of your situation, I’ll advise you on the next steps you must follow to ensure the good and safe conditions of use of your leisure area.

Treatment for congenital curvature

If you have come here and realized that you suffer from congenital curvature, do not worry, there is a cure.

Since it’s a genetic problem, without any trauma or infection, there are no remedy-based treatments. The only solution to treat the congenital curved penis is the surgery.

If that word frightens you, stay calm. Nowadays there are simple and well-developed techniques that correct the congenital curvature based on geometric principles, stretching the short side and maximizing the size of the penis, which can also be influenced by the curvature. Please note that a procedure like this should respect the anatomy of each patient’s penis, the limit of vessels, nerves and urethra.

The benefits of a strainght penis

After the treatment you will notice an improvement in your penile function with benefits to your sex life, self esteem, confidence and happiness. You will feel safer to perform the most pleasurable functions without the discomfort caused by penis sensitivity and the danger of injuring and bruising. When everything is correct, don’t save time in the lubrication and you’re ready to action!

Now that you know more about congenital curvature, why not to continue with us and learn about other important topics about men’s health? Check out more blog posts about other diseases, treatments, tips on how to prevent them, and how to improve your sexual performance.

Dr.Paulo Egydio

Dr.Paulo Egydio

doctor Paulo Egydio is dedicated to the treatment of curvature
penile and prothetic implant. penile and prosthetic implant.

doctor Paulo Egydio is dedicated to the treatment of curvature
penile and prosthetic implant.

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